B2B Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a crucial component of B2B Demand Generation.

Effective B2B Demand Generation starts so early in the Buyer Journey, that running a campaign without some element of automation simply would not be cost-effective or physically possible.

The easier, less staff-intensive and less costly you can make it to convert potential customers into buyers, the better. And that is what Marketing Automation aims to do.

A technology to better align your B2B marketing to your buyers.

Essentially, it is the conveyor belt which keeps customers moving along the sales pipeline from initial attraction to actual purchase – accelerating potential customers towards becoming buyers – with as little human intervention as you choose. The important thing is, messaging is based around your buyers and delivered when it is right for them.

For example, a change in a customer’s status, demographic information or behaviour can automatically trigger emails to guide them along an appropriate new route to purchase, or to ensure they maintain their relationship with your product or service, despite the change.

So, applied effectively by a specialist B2B Demand Generation agency, Marketing Automation can shorten sales cycles, increase revenue, and provide a better return on your marketing investment. 

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