B2B Social Media

Social Media doesn’t apply to B2B audiences, right?

Wrong. The truth of the matter is, if your business isn’t social, you’re losing clients to a competitor who is. Modern B2B buyers are self-sufficiently conducting online research to the point where they’re more than half the way through their buying journey before considering speaking to a salesperson.

Your business not only needs to be established on the platforms where your customers are searching, you also need to be engaging with the respected industry influencers who can amplify your offering, whilst correctly implementing tools of the trade such as hashtags and messaging that appeals directly to your customers’ pain points and current needs.

Driving top-of-the funnel traffic.

Paid Social is the ideal way to get content in front of the people that matter: your target audience. By segmenting your primary customer base through a predefined set of professional criteria, your targeted messaging can drive conversions that transform unknown web visitors into known leads to be filtered through your sales pipeline.

Looking to create a Social Media strategy that will help you stand out amongst your competitors? Here’s ten steps to help you get started.