Instantly engage a B2B search audience.

Whether your keywords are short tail or long tail, brand or non-brand, highly competitive or niche, Pay Per Click (PPC) allows you to purchase a share of valuable search traffic immediately. This instantaneous access to significant inbound traffic must however be managed carefully; poor landing pages, keyword matching types and poor account structure can all lead to your budget being spent, without achieving your expected return on investment.

18% of B2B buyers find a new company via a paid search advert.

The fact is that B2B buyers are searching for products and services throughout their buying cycle, from the broader, short tail keywords that indicate buyers are beginning their research process, to long tail keywords that suggest they are searching for something specific. B2B PPC allows you to choose when and where you appear in search results during the buying cycle.


Are your buyers searching for your B2B Services?

B2B Service search query example

B2B Service PPC ad text example


Do your buyers search for specific details regarding your services?

search query specific b2b service example

Example B2B PPC ad text for specific service


Turning B2B PPC into conversions.

Clicks don’t always mean conversions, so it is important that your B2B PPC strategy revolves around relevance; relevant keywords that display relevant ad text that sends buyers to relevant landing pages. Increasing this relevance is a continual process, refining keywords, ad text and landing pages to provide the most engaging experience for your potential buyers.

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