B2B Inbound Marketing

Potential customers are looking for you right now. It’s just that they don’t know it yet.

They might not even be thinking about buying whatever product or service you offer. They think they’re searching for information, or for a fun clip on the Web, or to learn about something they didn’t know.

By creating and making available content that’s of interest and value to them, you can establish a relationship which is stronger than just buyer and seller, but which – properly handled – can soon turn into that.

Making B2B marketing more effective to in-direct channels.

You can make your content available and attract people to it in many different ways.

You can use social media – such as forums and blog – or use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to advertise. Alternatively you can try the softly softly approach of Search Engine Optimisation. Using keywords, to make yours the content the search engine finds first, increases the likelihood of people finding your content when they search.

And what about more traditional methods? Advertising? Outdoor? PR? They’re all valid and they form a key part of inbound marketing – getting people to engage with your business and ultimately turning them into customers. Whatever the method or combination of methods, the intention is the same: to widen the funnel, to bring more contacts in your sales pipeline.

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