The B2B Buyer Journey

Today’s B2B buyers take a different route to buying – and it’s a route they are mapping out for themselves.

Instead of being guided by clear signposts in the mass marketing media, they’re going 'off-road' to find the information they want, when and how they want it.

The majority of customers begin their journey online – discovering the available options, loosening the status quo (what they’ve always bought or done before) and committing to change. Then they enter the 'consideration' phase: exploring possible solutions before finally committing to one.

To get to this stage, they may research content provided by the sellers themselves (on websites or blogs, for example), read independent reviews, or discuss with their peers on forums or message boards.

Finally comes the decision phase: justifying the decision and making the purchase. 

Buyers buy when they are ready to buy.

The ability to find content and data in numerous places, as well as the ease of contacting and discussing with their peers, means that when they do finally engage with sales, buyers are better informed than they’ve ever been.

So the challenge is to ensure correct and positive information is made available to the right person at the right time.

Watch the Buyer Journey video.