13.10.14 | Posted by Rob Young in Demand Generation, Sales Enablement

Everyone likes to feel special; to be treated as an individual and have their needs met on that basis. And if you can get your biggest customers or prospects nodding their heads in approval and appreciation at the communications you have with them, it can only be a good thing.

Account Based Marketing is about identifying your key targets, getting a deeper understanding of their circumstances and business needs, and providing content that helps them to move forward in their buyer journey.

Using an Account Based Marketing approach, the act of identifying a prospect begins a process of real-time personalisation. Access to real-time data and the Internet means that you can make intelligent targeting decisions and communicate with individuals in ways that have meaning for them. With time at a premium, content based around prospects’ specific sectors and challenges is always going to be welcomed.

The beauty of Account Based Marketing is that it enables you to talk personally and relevantly to individuals within the key organisations that can contribute the most to your sales. For the most part, it falls in line with existing Marketing Automation and social business strategies, with the software available complementing your current technologies. The principles are simple, and the result something we’ve been striving towards for years, but never quite been able to achieve.

It incorporates using a range of channels and technologies to communicate your messaging, and a mix of existing content and personalised information specific to the individual in mind. This could include account-targeted display advertising, sponsored updates and email activity that drives traffic to a customised landing page, where data capture helps you to enhance your knowledge of that prospect and further improve the relevance of your messaging.

Online, software is available that provides reverse IP-lookup functionality that pinpoints a prospect’s organisation. An account-based view of site traffic enables you to develop relationships based on the accounts you have chosen to concentrate on, with the personalisation tools helping to provide website visitors with information specifically relevant to their business needs, and lead them closer to a buying decision.

You can build-in automated emails from named account managers, and produce triggered communications based on industry events and developments. So your conversation over time becomes a mix of solution-based marketing information, online and offline, and the all-important conversation pieces that strengthen the relationship and mutual understanding.

Internally, Account Based Marketing is a great way to bring sales and marketing together. From a sales perspective, it makes sense to target customers with the biggest budgets, and who are more likely, with personal attention, to convert to sale. From the marketing point-of-view, this is true one-to-one marketing where the variables are minimised and customer focus at its sharpest. As such, it gives you your best chance of converting your biggest opportunities into bottom-line revenue.


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