16.02.17 | Posted by Victoria Le Geyt in Demand Generation



The internet is a weird place.

It's created new rules in how humans communicate.

First came the emoticon :)

Then came the emoji 😀 

And now we have the GIF.







A infinitely looping picture.

With no sound.

Which is meant to convey emotion.

Or add tone to an otherwise faceless piece of writing.









They're also pretty fun to look at.

I mean, just look at this guy go!










So we've found our least good-looking staff,

and made our own GIFs! 











Why use third party GIFs?

We've got a perfectly expressive group of people right here!










Fiona here thinks you're a snappy dresser!











Paul is regretting those stocks he bought in MySpace.











And Helen has just awoken from a decade long coma and found out who the President of the United States is.










None of what I just said was true.

But you believed me, didn't you?

Because of the power of GIFs.









Don't look so confused.

Check out our Giphy Channel.











It's Phil Ledger approved.