02.04.13 | Posted by Greg Dorban in Inbound Marketing

Mobile is rapidly changing the way all audiences interact with brands and communications, across social networks and throughout the buying cycle. B2C environments have experienced rapid change in online mobile use fuelled by social uptake over recent years. However, the formality and partial restraints within many B2B companies have subdued the transition from desktop to mobile for their audiences.


The Tipping Point

However, we are now at a position where many modern marketing elements are converging together blurring lines and boundaries. These boundaries are not traditional marketing channels. They are aspects of the digital age. Mobile is integrating different aspects pulling them closer together than ever before. Email, social, search and mobile is at a tipping point.  


1.       64% of B2B decision makers read their email via mobile devices

This represents a growth of 123% in the last 18 months, and now mobile accounts for 38% of all email opens


2.       iPhone is now the largest email client (ahead of outlook)

Again, more and more email access through mobile leads to more traffic on mobile devices.


3.       75% increase in social access via mobile

Social media has a lot to do with being connected, mobile helps facilitate this driving 75% growth in the past year.


4.       91% of mobile internet access is to socialise, compared to 79% on desktops

On mobile devices, 9 out of every 10 internet uses is a social channel so when it comes to being social in modern marketing environments, mobile optimisation is a must.


5.       More than half of mobile users that access social media do it almost on a daily basis

In the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the US, over 50% of users that access social media on mobile do it habitually on a daily basis.


6.       35% of search is on mobile

Over a third of online searches is from a mobile device.


7.       Mobile video traffic now accounts for over half of all video traffic

Media consumption on mobile devices is increasing due to ease of convenience and access.


8.        82% of CEOs have smartphones in which they are the primary device for business searches, and


9.       In 3 years, almost half of corporate executives believe a smartphone will be their primary device for business related use.

45% of senior corporate executives said they believe a smartphone or Web-enabled tablet will be their primary device for business-related use within three years.


10.   Mobile is set to trump laptops and desktops as the 'first screen device' for all internet access between 2013 and 2015

The tipping point of mobile being the dominant device for online access will be reached in the next couple of years, yet optimising for platforms other than desktop is not common practise. 

With increasing social, search and media consumption on mobile devices, marketers must be aware and consider devices in which their websites, landing pages and media will be accessed from.