An agency focused on creating demand from your buyers.  

Ledger Bennett DGA was formerly known as Ledger Bennett, and formerly known as a B2B integrated marketing communications agency.

Now times have changed, our name has changed, and how we go about meeting the needs of our clients has changed too. Now we are Ledger Bennett DGA (Demand Generation Agency). And generate demand for our clients’ services and products is exactly what we do.

How does demand generation differ from what we did as a B2B integrated marketing communications agency?

Demand more

The internet presents both a threat and opportunity for sales organisations like yours. The power of on-line search and social media means that in the B2B buying process your customers now have the upper hand. They can choose how, where and when they access information about products and services, instead of passively receiving it from advertising in the mass media or indeed a salesperson giving a traditional “sell”.

This means that we, on behalf of our clients, have to deploy different techniques and strategies to get potential customers’ attention, arouse their interest, stimulate their desire, encourage their demand, and ultimately close a sale.

Demand Generation tightly integrates many areas of marketing communications, and links them closely to a structured sales process.

We do this with three key strategies: Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and Marketing Automation.

Deployed in combination, these strategies work to achieve one aim: create demand on behalf of our clients.

If you want to generate demand for your products and services, the first step is to demand more from your agency. But make sure it’s an agency which can deliver more – like Ledger Bennett DGA.

Find out how we have helped accelerate our clients revenue with Demand Generation.